Custom Fit Mouthguard

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Get a custom fit mouthguard without taking dental impressions.  This mouthguard was fabricated by a certified, practicing dentist, using a new compound to create a re-moldable mouthguard with a custom fit.  Enables clear speach and stays firmly intact around your teeth and gums.  Prevents you from chewing on your mouthguard and losing it. 


Important Molding Instructions: not your typical mouthguard

1) boil water, place face down in water for 20 seconds, remove with a spoon and do not crush
2) place in mouth with the center lined up betweent your front teeth, gently close mouth DO NOT BITE, gently suck to fit to teeth for 1 minute
3) leave in mouth for 2 additional minutes, drop in cold water to hold fit

The mouthguard can be remolded over and over.