Skins Bio Sport Top Short Sleeve

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On the track, out in the field or down the gym, you'll push yourself to the limit for your sport. When you need that little bit extra, pull on a SKINS sport men's short sleeve top.  SKINS tops are moisture wicking to help your muscles perform at their optimal temperature, no matter how hard you push yourself.

With engineered gradient compression, SKINS improve circulation, which helps to prevent lactic acid build-up. Muscle focus offers stability and limits muscle vibration and the risk of injury. It encourages better posture too, letting you take bigger gulps of air into your lungs.

  • More power in any arena
    Engineered gradient compression gets more oxygen-rich blood to your active muscles - so you can train harder, play longer and recover faster
  • Breathe deep
    Better posture means bigger lung fulls of air
  • Reduce pain and strain
    Less lactic acid build-up, less vibration in your shoulders, upper arms and back - and less pain in the morning
  • Stay protected
    UPF 50+ protection, antimicrobial and moisture wicking keep you cool, even in the hottest weather


Engineered gradient compression
SKIN fit
Muscle focus
Moisture management
Permanent antimicrobial treatment